The Art of Thangka: A Himalayan Spiritual Legacy

A new book on the beauty and meaning of thangka painting in English and Chinese

The Art of Thangka: A Himalayan Spiritual Legacy, is a large coffee-table book on a rare collection of Tibetan Buddhist thangka paintings from Nepal and Bhutan. Most of the paintings in the book were selected from a renowned Nepali thangka painting studio in Kathmandu. A detailed description and the meaning of each and every deity accompany each painting. There is an introduction by His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche on the profound essence of thangka painting and how the presence of thangkas can beautify one’s home and enhance one’s spiritual life. The text is punctuated with inspiring and insightful teachings from Rinpoche.

In conjunction with the publication of this book, Wencheng Gongzhu International Foundation will organize thangka exhibitions in major cities and art centers around the world. The launch of the book and first exhibition will take place in Beijing, China. At these exhibitions, everyone will have the pleasure of viewing these beautiful and sacred works of art, and have the opportunity to invite them into their homes. The Art of Thangka: A Himalayan Spiritual Legacy will enhance their understanding and deepen their appreciation of the art of thangka.
20th Oct, 2014 (Mon) - 31th Oct, 2014 (Fri)