Offer Your Support

As Rinpoche travels around the world sharing his vision for the Mahasiddha Sanctuary, many are inspired and ask Rinpoche how they can contribute. To them Rinpoche responded by saying, “I would like you to think of this as your project, not as Rinpoche’s project. This is not only my project; this is everyone’s project! If you see something worthy here, if you feel inspired and would like to accumulate good karma, feel free to use your creativity and see what you can do to support this sublime project and inspire other sentient beings.”

All around the world, much assistance is needed to help organize and spread the message of the Mahasiddha Project and its spiritual and historical relevance. People from business, entertainment, charitable organizations, and the arts community can use their ingenuity and talents to inspire others to elevate their spiritual lives and offer opportunities to generate positive karma. There is nothing more worthy then this project!

Building a temple as magnificent as the Mahasiddha Sanctuary in Lumbini will certainly require much monetary assistance. But Rinpoche does not wish to limit donations to a few wealthy patrons. The Buddha taught us that giving with a pure intention, free of any personal agenda, is the best way to grow spiritually and generate positive karma. Rinpoche points out that the Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace Project is really about giving everyone the opportunity to participate with a pure heart. Rinpoche says: “Simply rejoicing in this meritorious project, or just one “like” on Facebook, or having one good wish for it’s successful completion will generate enormous good karma. Telling one friend about this project will also create much merit. Monetarily, you can give just one dollar, or one yuan — or you can give as much as your generosity and means will allow.”

What Are the Benefits, Now and in the Future?

The construction of Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace has yet to begin; however, already the benefits are beginning to show. As His Eminence travels around the world sharing his vision, countless people are learning about the Buddha’s birth in Lumbini and are being inspired to participate in virtuous activity that will bring benefit to both oneself and others. When more and more people are exposed to the teachings of peaceful coexistence, patience, understanding, loving kindness, and compassion, we will all enjoy true peace and harmony in the world.

Once the Mahasiddha Sanctuary is complete it will serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and spiritual wealth for all of humanity. More people will learn about Lumbini and the birth of the Buddha and will be able to visit on pilgrimage. When they return home, they will share with family and friends their experience of this wondrous and magical place. Buddhists from all traditions will come to the Sanctuary and find genuine common ground. The Sanctuary will serve as a safe repository of the Buddha’s teachings and various traditions for hundreds of years. It will manifest as a wellspring of peace, tolerance, and benevolence around the world.