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Pittsfield UU Meditation , Massachusetts Rangrig Yeshe
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Contact Person: Pema Tara
Who We Are
Rangrig Yeshe and Buddhafield

In 1988, His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche was invited to come to the United States to share his profound insight and wisdom. Rinpoche humbly agreed, and subsequently spent the next year teaching throughout the country. In 1989, Rinpoche and his students founded Rangrig Yeshe, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, for the purpose of preserving the teachings and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and turning the wheel of Dharma.

In 2003, Rinpoche established Buddhafield as his center of compassionate activity in the United States of America. Buddhafield is a pristine sanctuary of over 40 acres in Millerton, New York, just 90 minutes north of New York City. His Eminence envisioned Buddhafield as a pristine sanctuary where one can rest and remain at ease in these stressful turbulent times.

While Buddhafield is a physical place existing in time and space, the essence of Buddhafield transcends limited concepts and conditions. Buddhafield is an expression of open space, where one can find unconditional freedom, the room to relax and be at ease with oneself and the world. Rinpoche always describes it in this way: “We are building more than a retreat center, we are building a sanctuary of complete awareness within ourselves, in the center of our hearts.”

For the past several years, Rinpoche has conducted summer retreats at Buddhafield under a great white tent accommodating attendees from the United States and Asia. Plans are now underway to begin construction on the site, beginning with a great Stupa, representing the mind of enlightenment, and simple cabins for extended retreats. A hall for meditation and teachings, and a family residence for His Eminence are also proposed. Rinpoche has taught and traveled in the United States for over two decades, and the Buddhafield sanctuary is Rinpoche’s way of returning the kindness and generosity of the American people who have been supportive friends for so many years. Shyalpa Rinpoche’s sense loyalty is an example for us all.